Collection: Compasses

Pocket Compasses, Bevelled Glass Compasses, Vintage Compasses & Home Décor Find your true north with one of our vintage style compasses. A symbol of forging your own path, of guidance, exploration and adventure, a compass is a popular gift that is beautiful, useful and personal. Choose from a range of themes to suit the owner — nautical and military, classic Australian, or the Boy Scout — in both pocket and gimballed desk styles. Inspired by vintage and antique designs, our compasses are handmade by master artisans. As they are handcrafted, no two will ever be truly identical. Some natural variations and imperfections are inherent in the materials and construction processes, making each compass truly unique. Practical and symbolic, compasses make great gifts for birthdays, travellers, graduations, corporate farewells and retirements. Most compasses in our collection come presented in a handcrafted, felt-lined, wooden box or hand stitched leather case.