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20 February 2017
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Vintage Fireman Helmet- NSW

SKU: FH102


Brand: Vintage World Australia

Product Name: Fireman Helmet – NSW (Red Badge)

Model #: FH 102

Pack Contents: Fireman Helmet

Design: NSW Merryweather & Cornell Annandale 1906

Key Attributes: Hand Crafted, Decorative, Polished Brass Finish

Uses: Home Decor, Gift, Souvenir, Collectable, History, Art and Craft.

Product Width: 260 mm (Approx)

Product Depth: 350 mm (Approx)

Product Height: 250 mm (Approx)

Product Weight: 1.05 kg (Approx)

Shipped From: Melbourne (AUSTRALIA)

Shipping Provider: Australia Post & All Major Courier services

Additional Delivery Information: Estimate Delivery 2 – 5 Business Days, HAVING TROUBLE FINALISING YOUR ORDER OR FOR EXPRESS SHIPPING, PLEASE CALL 0421960234

Returns: Easy Return & Exchange – 14 Days from Date of Purchase

Disclaimer: All of our items are  handmade (HANDCRAFTED) by master artisans who employ techniques (TOOLS) and traditions that are often centuries old. Some natural blemishes or imperfections are to be expected. These are not product flaws. Instead, they are precisely what make these pieces so extraordinary and beautiful.

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NSW Merryweather & Cornell Annandale 1906 antique vintage handcrafted and engraved royal polished gold finish fireman helmet. Historical replica, firefighters wore these helmets to protect from heat, cinders and falling objects. Interestingly the shape of the helmets have had minimal changes over the years, however, the material compositions have evolved from leather to metals and finally lighter weight polymers and plastics for ease of use.

When one first eyes any of the Vintage World Australia’s collection of classic 19th & 20th-century fireman helmets, one would likely be distracted by its brilliant hand-craftsmanship, its’ intricate patterning on the side of the ornate dragon comb, or by its’ audacious brass shine or copper gleam. But after one moves past the beautiful look of this antique-inspired, life-size vintage piece, one might start to wonder why a fireman would have worn something that is notoriously prone to adopting and retaining the temperature of its surrounds, i.e. gets hot? Modern technology has pushed these wonderful helmets into obscurity, and they can now only act as reminders of the glorious past.

First introduced into the British Fire Service in the mid-1800s these type of patterned helmets were used to fight fires right up until World War 2. Today they are still used for Ceremonial Parades and Royal Pageants and other official functions and events. Vintage World Australia’s beautiful range of historical helmets is inspired by and modelled on the ‘Merryweather’ Fire Helmets with their all-brass/copper alloy construction and detailed high comb, to the complete chin straps. These pieces make great gifts for anyone with an interest in firefighting history, for colleagues with a growing collection of military memorabilia and those friends we all have who just love beautiful, shiny things!

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Weight 1.0 kg
Dimensions 350 × 200 × 290 mm
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SKU: FH102