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24 January 2018
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1 February 2018
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Corinthian Royal Guard Body Armour & Helmet Set

SKU: MA101


Brand: Vintage World Australia

Product Name: Corinthian Leather Body Armour

Model #: MA 101

Pack Contents: Helmet. Leather Torso Armour. Wooden Stand.

Colour: Black Leather Finish

Materials:  Leather. Brass. Steel. Hair. Wood.

Key Attributes: Hand Crafted,  Decorative, Leather and Polished Brass Finish

Uses: Home Decor, Gift, Souvenir, Collectable, History, Art and Craft

Product Height: 1650 mm (Approx)

Product Width: 550 mm (Approx)

Product Weight: 9 kg (Approx)

Shipped From: Melbourne (AUSTRALIA)

Shipping Provider: Australia Post & All Major Courier services

Additional Delivery Information: Estimate Delivery 2 – 5 Business Days, HAVING TROUBLE FINALISING YOUR ORDER OR FOR EXPRESS SHIPPING, PLEASE CALL 0421960234

Returns: Easy Return & Exchange – 14 Days from Date of Purchase

Disclaimer: All of our items are  handmade (HANDCRAFTED) by master artisans who employ techniques (TOOLS) and traditions that are often centuries old. Some natural blemishes or imperfections are to be expected. These are not product flaws. Instead, they are precisely what make these pieces so extraordinary and beautiful.

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The word Corinthian originated in ancient Greece and took its name from the city-state of Corinth. These cuirasses were much more effective at deflecting a blow from a spear, sword, arrow dart or stone, all which were employed by the ancient Greek warriors.
From the epic battles of the Spartan warriors against the armies of Persia, one would naturally follow the evolution of armour to the next logical (lion’s) pit stop to recall the great Roman gladiators like the legend that is Spartacus or Russel Crowe’s eternal hero, Maximus, battling in a crowded Coliseum for the sport of Caesar.
Vintage World Australia has a carefully curated collection of historical armours and helmets. We ensure that each piece is handcrafted to a premium quality and that they authentically represent the originals suits. Our full-size Corinthian armour and helmet set weighs 9kg and will fit most adult body sizes. Each set comes with a wooden stand for display.
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SKU: MA101