Magnifying Glasses

Vintage-Style Magnifying Glasses

Whether your workspace is the ship captain’s desk or your kitchen bench, Vintage World Australia has a collectible, antique-style magnifying glass that will look great adorning it. From our large, free-standing desk magnifying glasses with extendable arms, to the heavy chart readers (that double as paperweights), down to our hand-held, pocket-sized ones, we have just the magnifying glass you need to keep away those vision-devils!

All of our magnifying glasses are reproductions, handmade to a high quality finish by master artisans using often centuries old techniques and traditions. Look closely at each of one and you’ll note the fine details. Unique materials like horn are used in the handles. The typefaces are hand engraved in the edges of the copper framed lenses. As they are handcrafted, no two will be identical. Some natural variations and imperfections are inherent in the materials and construction processes, making each piece truly unique.