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Welcome to Vintage World Australia.

We are an Australian owned and operated business based in Melbourne. We are an importer and wholesaler of an ever-growing range of handmade vintage style nautical & medieval themed gifts & home decor.

Our story started out as a passion project to sell nautical themed items made from brass in year 2015 in Melbourne.

Imported directly from more than 20 artisans in India, each of our items is handmade and is therefore utterly unique. Each and every one of our products truly is one-of-a-kind. We take extreme pride in the high quality of the products that we sell.

We are happy to say that our compasses, sundials, pocket watches, telescopes and clocks that we sell are all fully functional. It brings us the greatest joy to be able to say that our products aren’t just beautiful, but also practical.

Our full product range is available from our warehouse in Melbourne and from our online store. To see some of our bestsellers, click here. To read more about our company values and plans for the future, visit Our Values and Mission Statement pages.

Vintage World Australia

If you’re ever stuck for gift ideas, we are one of the best starting points you’ll find. From our full-sized decorative diving helmets and nautical themed table clocks through to items of a more personal nature, like our key chains and pocket watches, each item is handmade and truly unique.

Vintage World Australia prides itself on providing exceptional service and product quality. We are proud to be suppliers to many war and maritime museum shops across Australia and New Zealand.


All products on our website are reproductions, inspired by vintage and antique designs and made to closely match the originals. Each item is handmade by master artisans using often centuries old techniques and traditions. As they are handcrafted, no two items will be identical. Some natural variations and imperfections are inherent in the materials and construction processes used, making each item truly unique. In regards to our armour sets and warrior helmets, each reproduction is made by hand using the same techniques that were used centuries ago to make the original pieces. As such, these pieces naturally come in slightly different colours and sizes, and with some natural, unavoidable scratches and embellishments. These differences make these reproductions even more authentic, as no two sets of original armour were ever the same.

Best Sellers

  • Gauntlet – Light Weight

    SKU: MX 102(A)

  • Vintage ‘His Master’s Voice’ Gramophone – Olive Green (250 mm vinyl Record)

    SKU: MI 101(A)

  • World Globe – 410mm

    SKU: WG 111

  • World Globe – 660mm

    SKU: WG 110

  • Dice & Playing Cards Box

    SKU: WCD 125

  • Business Card & Pen Holder

    SKU: WBCP 126

  • Wooden Magic Box

    SKU: WMB 123

  • ShoeHorn – Duck Head

    SKU: SH 104

  • Table Clock – Military Ammo Box

    SKU: TC 113

  • Table Clock – Brick Mould With Base

    SKU: TC 106

  • ShoeHorn – Snake Head

    SKU: SH 102

  • ShoeHorn – Lion Head

    SKU: SH 101

  • Green World Globe – 270mm

    SKU: WG 108

  • Nickel Square Stand World Globe – 270mm

    SKU: WG 106

  • Nickel Tripod World Globe – 270mm

    SKU: WG 104

  • jewellery box - wood & brass / nautical theme gift

    Jewellery Box 180mm

    SKU: WJB 122(A)

  • Nickel 250mm Porthole Mirror

    SKU: PH 101(A)

  • Pet Cremation Urn – Carved Wood Box

    Pet Cremation Ashes Box – Carved

    SKU: WPU 125

  • Pet Cremation Urn – Wood & Brass Box with Photo Display & Keyhole

    Pet Cremation Ashes Box – Photo Frame Lid / Lock & Key

    SKU: WPU 124

  • Pet Cremation Urn – Wood & Brass Box with Photo Display

    Pet Cremation Ashes Box – Photo Frame Lid

    SKU: WPU 123

  • Nautical Book Box 210mm w/ Lock & Key

    SKU: WJB 121

  • Nautical Treasure Chest 140mm

    SKU: WJB 120

  • Wood & Brass Round Coaster Set

    Wooden Coasters – Round

    SKU: WCS 114

  • Wooden Coasters – Nautical

    SKU: WCS 113

  • Wooden Boat Ashtray

    SKU: WBA 112